I’m just some guy with a deep interest in philosophy that sometimes writes his thoughts on a blog.

One of the things I realized along the way is the fact that no system of belief is entirely rational. One always requires one or several initial dogmas (that cannot be proven, except maybe empirically) to be able to build a worldview. This happens even with math; for more information, have a look at this.

With that being said, and in order to allow for honest dialogues, I will talk about my presuppositions. Here they are, in no particular order:

-I believe the universe to be rational and subject to immovable laws.

-I believe that the foundation of identity in human beings lies in their body (their genetic makeup and lineage) with the mind being a mere product of the body and the soul being something external.

-I believe Conflict to be the normal state of nature. Said conflict can be made more or less chaotic, but one cannot wish it away.

-I believe in an absolutely hierarchical cosmic order of being. Every form of life, every soul has a particular rank in this hierarchy, which is ideal for them and not ideal for everyone else, since no one is equal to anyone else.

-I believe in cyclical historiography, in opposition to Abrahamic, Whig and Marxist historiographies, where history has a beginning and an end. Rather, I think History is subject to an infinity of simultaneous cycles of different lengths.

-I believe Good and Evil to be synonymous with Order and Chaos. I consider D&D-style 2-dimensional moral alignments to be dangerously misleading.

-I believe in Chesterton’s fence. Tradition has a purpose that has survived centuries of natural selection; If you don’t like it, don’t change it until you really understand it.

-I believe in Occam’s Razor: Facing distinct hypotheses, I give preference to the one that requires the fewest assumptions.

-I believe in the existence of two forms of knowledge: scientific knowledge that is produced by the scientific method, and knowledge of particular circumstances that is produced by the empirical method. Each method should be only used to produce its particular kind of knowledge.

Quit a mishmash, I know. I’m open to modify every single point; in fact if I happen to realize one of them is erroneous, I will post about it.