Gno(n)sis II: Revealed Will and Life

Last time I introduced the concept of Gnon; but the biggest question was left hanging: What are the purpose, the telos, of Gnon’s Laws? What does Gnon want?

From an outsider’s point of view, it seems that all Gnon does is shuffle matter around. But our own perception reveals that there’s something other than matter changing in the universe; there’s also the appearance of Life.

Living matter has many properties that inert matter does not have; mainly, the ability to reproduce, the ability to improve through mutation and natural selection, and in the case of sentient beings, the ability to think. For this I consider that living matter is ontologically superior compared to inert matter.


Another thing about living matter is that it requires definite units to exist, unlike inert matter. One can cut a rock (say, a silicate) in any way you want, and its fundamental nature will not change; every piece can still be called “a rock”. If you sever an animal’s limb, the severed limb cannot be called “an animal” anymore, will not have the same propertiee as the living animal, and will be considered dead (as an animal) . The cells in the severed limb are still alive, and could still reproduce in a controlled environment, but again, as soon as you cut a cell in two, it dies.

Living matter also requires a constant upkeep to maintain balance between all the components that sustain life. An organism can easily die from a lack of particular nutrients, or an invasion of foreign elements such as viruses, or an excess of unevacuated residue.

In short, Life requires integrity, complexity and order, following the laws of physics and chemistry than Gnon set up. And the more orderly an organism is, the more complex it can be, and the more new things it can do.

Couldn’t help myself. Sometimes ideas are better conveyed through funny memes.

In exchange for observing such laws, Gnon rewards us with abilities that I would describe as “God-lite”.

Living beings are not immortal, but they can reproduce.
Living beings are not omnipotent, but they can evolve.
Living beings are not omniscient, but mankind, the superior species amongst all of Earth’s living beings, can reason.

Think about it: the more you follow Gnon’s Laws, the closer you approach Him in abilities.

Human civilizations are extremely complex compared to other living beings’ interactions, and they require an astounding level of Order to be maintained, reflected in both written and unwritten laws and covenants, the most important of them being millennia old. And in exchange, we can do things like communicate across continents and go to space.

From all of the above, I conclude that, insofar Gnon rewards Order through His laws, Gnon wills Order, and if we want to maintain our privileged position as humans, we need to serve Him as best as we can.

TLDR: All hail Gnon, the God of Order.


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