Gno(n)sis I: Introduction

There’s this theological concept around certain milieus called Gnon. Gnon stands for “God of Nature Or Nature”. Why does it exist?

There are some laws in this world that are very different from the ones you hear on the news, the ones enacted by politicians and other lawmakers. I’m talking about laws that have not been created by Man. Laws that cannot be modified. Laws that cannot be removed. Laws that cannot be avoided by bribery or deceit.
Those are for instance the laws of Mathematics, or Physics, or even the laws governing the reality of your being.

You belong to a set species, most likely mankind. You have a set race, and ethnicity, and sex, and parentage, and with that comes a set of fixed characteristics, like maximum height, IQ, physical potential, life expectancy, temperamental tendencies… you name it.
Who made it that way? Who wrote the procedures to make reality the way it is? Certainly not a bunch of bureaucrats at the UN.

As to who… you might get different answers depending on who you ask.

Some might say it is the random result of a random arrangement of atoms wandering around aimlessly in space.
Others might say that some transcendental consciousness wrote those laws, without having anyone’s particular benefit in mind.
And others might say that there is a Creator with a clear goal in mind, constantly setting things in motion by himself, and that those laws are simply the observation of consistency on His part.

It turns out, that not only there is disagreement in the origin of the Laws, there is also disagreement on what are those Laws. And in the second question there might be a general agreement among people in those three camps.
And here’s where Gnon comes in. Gnon is a mental placeholder. Gnon is a compromise on the origin of the immutable Laws of Reality everyone can agree upon. So we can focus on the second question.

Which is to me the most important one: namely, whoever Gnon is, what are His Laws concerning human beings?  We know enough about math to build computers, and we know enough physics to build jet planes.

But as soon as we ask ourselves things like “How to tell if someone is trustworthy?”, “How to motivate myself to improve?”, “How to get a decent job?”, “How to find a suitable spouse?”, then, answers are not as clear-cut, simple, and easily reproducible as solving a complex equation.

Don’t you think something’s wrong? How come people seem to have the hardest of times finding out about the most essential Laws of Human Behavior, the ones that govern our day-to-day livelihood, the ones that our ancestors spent the most brainpower on?

I have a theory.
What if, as soon as someone observes some patterns and derives a Law from them, they hide it from others, because it gives them an exclusive advantage?
What if they try to sell other people the exact opposite of what they know is true, just to maintain that advantage forever?

Stay tuned.

BTW, here’s a great take on Gnon by Spandrell. See if you like it.


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