On normies, part 3: What?

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There is only one question left: is being a Normie worth it?

First of all, one must recognize that the Normie life is simple and easy. All food tastes good (with enough MSG, that is), all movies are at least entertaining, you can have your favorite sportsball team as a cheap and effortless substitute for a purpose in life, and you get to avoid all kinds of uncomfortable feelings (guilt, worries about the future, existential dread…) And of course, you get an endless supply of validation from your peers.

If you are a woman from anywhere except the first decile of sex appeal, life is great from your late adolescence until your late twenties. Men have it harder at first, but with a minimal amount of work and social skills, life gets better in your thirties.

But being a Modern Normie is not all sunshine and rainbows. Not even within the average lifespan.

Because Normies do not think for themselves. they automate their behavior, like a Chinese room computer. And this means, other people are giving them inputs. And those other people may have their own agenda. An agenda that doesn’t have to include the Normie’s well-being.

And so, Normie life starts showing its drawbacks over time.

Remember the popular chick who got blasted by all flavors of Chad week after week? She is now thirty-five, her youth has faded away and no makeup can hide it, her tits are sagging, her STD-ridden vagina looks like a turkey carved with a power drill and her bondless sex craze has left her mentally damaged and unable to love. And she still has more than half of the average lifespan to live.

Remember the nice guy that always did a good job at what he was told to do? He slaved away his best years trying to pay back his college loans, because Mom and Dad wanted him to have a degree. He also ended up marrying the chick above, and she divorce raped him as soon as she had her first child. He doesn’t even know whether that child is really his, but he is too much of a wimp to ask for a paternity check.

Remember the career woman that performed so well at college and even got promoted to an executive position? Lured by the you-go-grrl attitude of her peers, she cast away every source of long-term happiness a woman can have for money and the status given to her by a business suit. Now she’s old; makeup and surgery can fool the guy in the above paragraph for a night, but that’s about it. She’s alone in her expensive apartment, which she barely sees anyway because she’s always working. Her relationship with her family has strained, as she was too busy to see them. She cannot have any children, but hey, having a nanny raise someone else’s children can still fool her biological clock.

Remember the pothead who couldn’t be bothered by anything in the world? Weed has baked his brain at 30, which guarantees that he will not be able to work anywhere else but at the same soul-crushing retail jobs he has always worked in for the rest of his life. He gets by thanks to alcohol and entertainment, and always tells himself that everything is going all right. And if something goes wrong at his job, hey, there’s welfare! That will never run out… right?


Normies have the same drives as animals. First, they want to eat, they want to fuck, they want to be entertained. And secondly, because humans are social animals, they want social status.

Hedonistic impulses exist for a reason. Without hunger, we would starve even if surrounded by food. Without a sex drive, we would die without descendants. The problem arises when people focus on satisfying their impulses at the expense of the goal. The best example would be the consumption of junk food; it is way less nutritious (and ultimately unhealthy) than normal food, but the chemicals inside overdrive your sense of hunger.

Status seeking is not bad in itself, quite the opposite in fact, as it has traditionally been the best way to secure a high-quality mate in all social animals. But in a sick society, status stops being a means to a goal to become a goal in itself; a goal which is like a thirst that can never be quenched. You can eat too much and be full. You can get bored of entertainment. Hell, you can even get bored of sex, if you have too much of it!

But you can never have enough status. In fact, as soon as a high-status person stops caring about status, it gets stolen by someone else! Because status is zero-sum.
And so, you start to sacrifice things of real, long-term worth for it.


My conclusion is succinct: Being a Normie has become antithetical to living a fulfilling, purposeful life. Don’t be one.

Don’t waste your youth pursuing destructive hedonism.
Don’t follow people’s commands just to be nice and get along.
Don’t get fooled by the trappings of status and social approval.
Don’t waste your life just because you still get by.

Is it hard? Of course; self-awareness is the Curse of Man.
It is also what raises it above animals.


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