Entering the arena

This is my first post, so I will talk about the purpose of this blog.

First of all, a big disclaimer: English is not my native language, so I might do grammatical errors every now and then.

With that out of the way, let’s start.

I’m a huge lover of philosophy. Not the kind of philosophy you are taught in high school -This if anything delayed my appreciation for it- but instead the kind of philosophy that has a purpose.
What is the meaning of existence? What is the foundation of our identity? What are our real interests and objectives, and how should we live according to them?
After all, if you don’t know what is your true purpose, you could very well be a failure and have no idea about it.
One day I realized I had no answer to these questions, and the worst thing of all:
neither did anyone I knew at that point.

So if I wanted an answer to those questions, I would have to inquire on my own.

I observe my surroundings, read extensively on the most obscure of topics and use the little logic I’ve been developing to form my worldview.
I personally think of my journey as trying to sculpt a perfect sphere with an ever more precise chisel. I get closer and closer to my goal every day, even though I know I will never reach perfection.

Along the way, I realized that other people on the internet were on the same quest as me, with most of them writing on blogs.
So I made one myself, in order to share my thoughts and maybe even have discussions with them.

I’m here to learn, so everyone that comes in good faith is welcome to comment.


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