The Redpilling Question

A couple weeks ago, one of my readers touched upon the subject of redpilling, and I thought it would make for a good post.

Why should you redpill other people? Continue reading “The Redpilling Question”


Why “everyone” is a gatekeeper, a shill, and controlled opposition

There’s this thing I call “the truth business”.
It started somewhere in the Mass Internet age when erudite-ish people found out that today’s world is ruled by pathological liars and that some people are completely disaffected and desperate for something resembling an accurate depiction of reality. So those erudite-ish people started their YouTube accounts, their Twitters and their Patreons, and said to them: Come to me and I’ll tell you what no one else does. Leave a tip in the jar, please! Continue reading “Why “everyone” is a gatekeeper, a shill, and controlled opposition”

The Rule of Degench (I)

All right. Let’s get dirty.

Until now I’ve been talking about generalities and abstractions, as if it didn’t have a thing to do with our own lives.

Today, I’ll be controversial and start making people uncomfortable.

Some people like controversial thoughts; it gives them an adrenaline rush similar to rollercoasters and horror films.

Some instead get easily triggered, and if you are one you may want to quit here.
It’s OK if you do; no one’s first alcoholic beverage is an absinthe shot, after all.
But even if you think of yourself as strong-willed, proceed with caution. Continue reading “The Rule of Degench (I)”